Our promise to you

How we continue to provide excellent customer service

Customer Charter

Our commitment to providing excellent customer service is paramount, so Twin has compiled a list of professional standards you can expect us to uphold when you choose to work with us.

You can expect the following standards of service from Twin Group:

  • A thorough induction programme
  • A caring and welcoming place to study
  • An opportunity to discuss any previous learning and skills you acquired before joining us
  • High quality teaching and facilities
  • Access to a variety of suitable resources (e.g. textbooks, videos and worksheets)
  • Regular meetings to discuss your progress and objectives
  • Specific support when required
  • Guidance, support and counselling if required
  • A safe, healthy and supportive environment
  • An environment free from harassment and discrimination
  • An opportunity for you to discuss your views.

Customers are entitled to:

  • Speak out for themselves and on behalf on others
  • Have a say in what happens
  • Impartial information and advice
  • Learn in ways that meet their needs
  • Be treated as individuals and with respect
  • Good access and support
  • Have clear information that can be understood
  • Appropriate resources and environments that meet their needs
  • Good tuition and learning support
  • Learn in a safe place
  • Be actively involved
  • Make compliments and complaints.

In return, Twin Group expects you to:

  • Maintain good attendance and punctuality
  • Make a positive commitment and contribution to your own learning and Development
  • Participate fully in review and training sessions
  • Attend all appointments and visits as agreed, and contact us immediately if you cannot keep an appointment
  • Complete all Distance Learning activities, project work and assignments as agreed
  • Behave in a way that does not offend others, is not discriminatory, and shows consideration and respect to all staff and colleagues
  • Respect the learning environment and facilities including equipment and learning resources
  • Comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Notify us if your circumstances change.

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