Quality standards

Striving to achieve quality of service

Quality Statement

Twin is committed to continuous improvement and to excel in all we do. Developing quality throughout all our activities underpins all that we strive to achieve within our organisation.

  • Internal objectives > Commitment to continuous improvement and raising standards
  • External frameworks > Raising standards, value for money, inspections
  • Personal performance > Encouraging every member of staff to be constructive, self-analytical and involved in continuous improvement

Twin's Quality Assurance system is based on the following procedures:

Review type Standards Tools

Course reviews

Area of learning reviews

  • Common Inspection Framework
  • Quality standards: (eg teaching and learning observation)
  • Performance indicators (eg retention and achievement)
  • Student Charter
  • Employer's Charter
  • Quality files
  • Lesson observations
  • Student surveys
  • Log of compliments and complaints
  • Self-assessment reports and development plans
  • Internal verification
  • External moderators
  • Course audits
  • Mid-year programme reviews

Service reviews

  • Common Inspection Framework
  • Service standards
  • Quality kitemarks (eg IIP, Matrix)
  • Student Charter
  • Quality files
  • Quality Assurance cycle
  • Charter audit
  • Student surveys
  • Survey of staff views
  • Log of compliments and complaints
  • Self-assessment report and development plans
  • Auditors
  • Matrix accreditation
  • Mid-year reviews
Staff reviews
  • Performance
  • Job description and role
  • Staff review
  • Personal development plan
  • Personal record and achievement log
  • Observations
  • Twin residential training

Twin Group is affiliated and associated with the following professional organisations: