Social Excellence

Pushing buisness relationships to our high standards


Twin Group’s commitment to social progress takes various forms and translates into action in various contexts. We are increasingly focused on human capital and professional development. We seek to strengthen our business relationships in the territories we operate in by conducting transparent dialogue with our agents and suppliers. We believe in listening to our customers in order to satisfy their needs.



Twin Group bases personnel policy upon a cross-cultural approach, which aims to develop one single corporate identity, while respecting diversity in the communities in which we operate. Diversity is an asset that is increased through integration and exchange of knowledge between people of different cultures, while presenting an opportunity for personal and professional growth for employees.

Health & safety

Twin Group considers workplace health & safety fundamental to achieving excellence in performance. For this reason, we have implemented specific tools (policies, procedures and responsibility) to monitor employee workplace health & safety in all the regions in which we operate, while complying with the relevant local legislation.


Listening to and understanding customers, agents and partners provides the key to anticipating and meeting their needs and desires. Twin Group listens closely to these categories of stakeholders in order to develop products that take their needs and expectations into account.

Twin Group is affiliated and associated with the following professional organisations: